Leadership Team

Jay Anjaria

Founder | CEO
  • Jay is a Management Graduate from Griffith University of Australia.
  • He comes with distinct Leadership style with perfect blend of analytical capacities as well as Emotional Intelligence
  • Although he is HR professional by choice he possesses immense understanding towards essence of every business that he gets aligned with & that makes him extremely Versatile & Dynamic when it comes to driving Seat of Business Operations. Further , He has been instrumental in crafting HR policies those were commensurate with Business Objectives for various renowned Corporates'.
  • Articulation of Technology podium basis Business demand is been Jay’s inbuilt forte. Transformation of Integrated Services to Technology Driven Platform is been his one of the core competency, which is endorsed not only in India but also in the UK when he lead a similar transition for one of the manufacturing giant.
  • In his close Professional Circle he is known and addressed as “Champ” that suits him in real sense.
  • Besides his compelling professional track record, he is also known as a superlative sportsman.

Kiran Kumawat

Founder | COO
  • Kiran is HR professional by choice (MBA HR & LLB, LLM ) as he always knew his inbuilt forte which is People connect and thus skills of magnetizing & managing talent comes with him very naturally.
  • His acquaintance & meritorious track record with Corporate Giants like Reliance Industries, Birla Group Companies, Videocon International & Hiranandani Group won him many recognitions and Titles i.e. "Non-Conventional HR Professional", "Talent Acquisition Expert" & "HR Operations Lead of the Year".
  • Further, He is eminently known for his "Meticulous" & "Methodical" approach towards business operations and that makes him stand unique when it comes to "Strategizing Roadmap" & "Crafting Profitability" of any Business that he is into.
  • He is Been instrumental in setting up enormous Business Verticals and Profit Centers in stipulated time frame and that made him being featured in "Mumbai Mirror" for couple of times for timely launch of 9 Business Formats along with 42 outlets (Reliance Fresh, Reliance Trendz, Reliance Digital, Reliance Mart, Reliance Footprints, Reliance Homecare, Reliance Delight, Reliance I store) in mere a Year’s time.
  • He is also famously known for "Business Acumen" that he possess and his abilities of expanding Business Horizon via establishing "Strategic Alliances" & "Dense Network Operations".
  • With above said adroitness he successfully endorsed his footprint in business arena of current scenario and moving head very strongly. Currently spearheading other 3 Companies as a Founder & many more acquisitions & Mergers in a queue.

Akshay Toshniwal

CPO (Chief Product Officer)
  • Passionate with Computers and Technology, Akshay completed his graduation from Mumbai University followed by a Masters in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Management from France.
  • His primary focus is to build solutions and ideas that not only lead to the development of any organization but also creates an impact on the minds of the people.
  • Akshay binds the business processes together, understands it's outcomes, plans out things in a productive manner and accordingly comes up with an approach in order to get the problem solved.
  • Being technically sound, Akshay is highly skilled with different techniques and methods and also quite well experience in the field of information technology and digitization.
  • He comes up with amazing ideas, thought process and innovative solutions in order to simplify and individual's or organizations work and business.

Deepak Shakyavanshi

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Graduated in the field of Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, Deepak focuses on providing solutions that reduces complexities and improves easiness through tech
  • His prime focus is to understand not only the problem, but also simultaneously work on solutions and having innovative thoughts in order to solve any business problem.
  • Deepak is a highly skilled professional with great experience about the market, it's standards and other market behaviours and scenarios
  • Always looking out for innovative ideas and plans in order to help any organization grow, Deepak is helping and building great stuff through technology.

Shreya Kumawat

Head - Operations & Delivery
  • Heads the Operations and delivery vertical for Panache Globe and LetsKYC.
  • Although her educational background and formal training has been in economics, she has been a customer centric and a people’s person since she started her career.
  • She has earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Mumbai followed by MBA in Operations.
  • Over the years, she has held various positions in Human Resources and CRM with progressively increasing responsibilities.
  • Her scope of expertise includes Client Relationship Management, HR Management, Pre and Post sales activities.
  • She claims to be an organized team player and an enterprising leader with excellent communication skills.
  • She is deft at motivating employee morale & building committed teams.
  • She is a good listener that helps understand and consider different perspectives...

Rahul Dev Chakraborty

Business Lead - East Zone
  • Rahul is a Management Graduate from Kolkata University.
  • A hard-core sales professional by nature. Rahul has 15+ years of experience in Business Development & Marketing.
  • He has conducted various promotional, branding and marketing activities in his career so far.
  • He has been associated with well known corporate brands like Titan, Tanishq, TBZ and many more.
  • Extremely hard working and talented, Rahul also is a very fun loving character who carries humorous persona.
  • He possesses leadership skills and team building qualities.
  • He has conducted training activities in various organizations and institutes.

Vidyut Shah

Chief Coordinator & Research Analyst
  • Vidyut holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University.
  • She has contributed in software development for organizations like CEAT Ltd, INMA Pvt. Ltd. etc.
  • Vidyut holds a very pleasant personality with excellent communication skills and a very soothing smile which helps maintain a good client rapport.
  • Although from engineering background Vidyut excels in her current role as Chief Coordinator and R & D Analyst.
  • She also has administrative experience and expertise.

Namita Sakpal

Lead - Branding & Promotion
  • Leads the Branding & Promotion wing for Panache Globe.
  • Professional with Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Mumbai University, Namita has a knack of building up a great rapport with people around her.
  • She possesses immense understanding of Branding & Promotion and carries Business Acumen with Intense Entrepreneurial Instinct.
  • She is also an Enriched Business Analyst with Noteworthy Track record in the Finance & Costing Domain.
  • Her forte throughout her career has been Business Alliances, Business Mergers, Business Tie Ups, New Acquisitions and Business Enhancement via new age branding tools and promotional activities.
  • Immensely talented with “Always ready to help” attitude.

Chetna Singh

Brand Promoter
  • The youngest team member of this leading fleet however the most Influencing, Powerful and Metal Hard Pillar of the troupe.
  • Chetna is Management Graduate with specialization in Finance and Operations.
  • Believes in Fast Track -Action Orientation & setting up new “Benchmarks” via surpassing prevailing “Milestones”, recurrently
  • She is extremely Talented, Superlative & Vigilant professional who is eminently known for her “Grape wine power”
  • One of the senior lady from business fraternity had once quoted that “She is classy & elegant combination of Brain & Beauty”. These accolades are well deserved as she is the ONE who is Capable of crafting way out through crises and adverse business situations.
  • Her Pleasant Personality & Soothing aroma make her stand out in the crowd when it comes to leading big teams and delivering excellence out of it.
  • Otherwise soft spoken but extremely “Sharp” and “Hawk-eyed” Leader who is always adored & followed by her Peers.
  • She spearheads business operations of all verticals of Panache Group.
  • Bottom Line - She is Face & Fate of “Panache” in real sense.

Pradnya Tawde

Brand Promoter
  • Pradnya has pursued MA in Sociology and MBA in HR from Mumbai University.
  • She carries 7+ years of corporate experience.
  • She is a Positive thinker, very focused, a multitasker, quick learner and has great grasping skills.
  • Apt at achieving assigned targets.
  • Handles end to end responsibility to best of her abilities.
  • Has always been appreciated by the Management because of her high efficiency in task performance.

Sarahna Pandey

Brand Promoter
  • Sarahna holds a degree in B.A (Hons) in English from Delhi University.
  • Further she has also completed her M.A in Public Administration from IGNOU and B.Ed from MDU.
  • Along with her experience in Administration, Sarahna brings rich experience in recruitment, sourcing and client acquisition too.
  • Sarahna is a Go Getter with excellent entrepreneurial skills and expertise.