What Is LetsKYC?

A Multidimensional & Multifaceted tech platform powered by generation next technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that enables any individual to extract and assess his / her inbuilt | inherent or lately established SWOT (Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Threats) and produce an outcome of predictive analytics as well as success factor report in scientifically proven methodical way.
In a simple language, LetsKYC is Talent Assessment and India’s No 1 Success Factor Predictive Analytics Platform for an individual or group on various parameters for all individuals above 11 years.
Highly recommended for Students | Children | Parents | Organizations | Schools | Colleges | Coaching Classes | Educational Institutions | Freshers | Entry Level Working Professionals to enhance credibility in today's competitive world and evolving generation next century wherein LetsKYC will enable every single entity to evaluate & assess talent within or around and make better choices on basis of their Interest.

  1. Be it an individual who will be able to know self on what he / she is good at.
  2. Be it parents who will get to know their children to direct them towards suitable educational | career path
  3. Be it an organization who wishes to screen candidates basis job fitment criteria or intents to measure training needs and performance (PMS) of existing employee force basis JDs | KRAs.
  4. Be it an educational institution who wishes to evaluate and upgrade students on lacking skills and upscale their inbuilt potential.

Who Should Try LetsKYC?


Parents Focusing on Child Development | Teens | Students | Freshers_Job Seekers | Working Professionals


Schools | Colleges | Coaching Classes | Universities


Organizations | Human Resource Departments | Training Institutions | Professional Institutions


CSR Focused Organizations | NGOs Focusing on Youth Development | Donators for Child Development

How LetsKYC Works?

Extraction & Assessment

Predictive Analytics Feedback

Counseling & Development

Progression Review

Uniqueness Of LetsKYC

LetsKYC Standard Tests